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The Berkshire Edge of Massachusetts features an interview with Christy McGill, BIFF alum and Producer for PASANG: In the Shadow of Everest.

 “This is a beautiful film that deeply probes the structural inequalities in Nepal. Pasang changed the country and fulfilled a national destiny.  There were more people at her funeral than the King’s”. Her astonishing achievement was tempered with tragedy, as Pasang never made it down from the summit alive. “It’s our feeling that Pasang’s name should be known worldwide, and that Nancy’s film is really about correcting an omission in the record of history.” Pasang is an inspiration to Nepalis, and now her story can touch the world. “We were at Santa Barbara International Film Festival with Pasang’s daughter. Watching her watch the film was incredibly moving and gratifying.” As for the director Nancy Svendsen, this has been a labor of deep love and commitment: “Nancy has been making this film on and off for ten years”, Christy explains with a note of sincere admiration, “I look at her work on this project as a profile in courage. And this is her very first film”.

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The Berkshire Edge interviews Producer, Christy  McGill