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Lo Scarpone published an article about the documentary, Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest winning the Mario Bello Award at the Trento Film Festival.

According to their website, “Lo Scarpone: mountaineering, skiing, hiking” was founded in 1931 in Milan by the journalist Gaspare Pasini , who had taken over the title and periodicity of another newspaper ( “Lo Scarpone, fortnightly mountaineering journal” ) directed in 1925-26 by Claudio SartoriThe masthead was the first important and lasting independent periodical of the Sections of the Italian Alpine Club.”

The additional member of the Central Steering Committee of Cai Angelo presented the award Schena and the Central Councilor Carlo Ancona. This photo pictures Angelo Schena and Carlo Ancona © Michele Purin

Angelo Schena and Carlo Ancona © Michele Purin

The additional member of the Central Steering Committee of Cai, Angelo, presented the award Schena with the Central Councilor, Carlo Ancona. 


In the article, lo Scarpone quotes the jury of the film festival statement with the following:

In 1993 a Nepalese woman tries to climb Everest, animated by ambition, determination and courage, with the awareness that there are causes for which one can put one’s daily life into the background and accept sacrifices, hardships and dangers, in view of a more important result. The impressive popular participation in her funeral partially repays the sacrifice and makes the message even more emotional », reads the motivation of the jury composed of Michele Ambrogi (president), Carlo Ancona, Monica Brenga and Giovanni Pivetti.

See the full article, “Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest by Nancy Svendsen Wins the 2023 Mario Bello Award” in Italian online at LoScarpone – “Pasang: in the shadow of Everest” di Nancy Svendsen vince il Premio Mario Bello 2023″

To read the article in English, download our translated PDF version here.

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Lo Scarpone, a Italian publication, reports on Nancy Svendsen winning the 2023 Mario Bello Award for Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest.