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Ben Keningsberg of The New York Times published a  review of PASANG: In the Shadow of Everest on Jan. 18, 2024.

“Drawing on interviews with family members and fellow climbers, “Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest” describes the various social, national and financial obstacles that Sherpa encountered. Jan Arnold, a New Zealand doctor and climber who was on Everest contemporaneously, vividly explains the physical toll that acclimating to the mountain can take.”

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t know how the story ends, you might want to see the documentary first before you read The New York Times review: https://www.nytimes.com/2024/01/18/movies/pasang-in-the-shadow-of-everest-review.html

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The New York Times published a review of PASANG on Jan 19, 2024