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Edward Douglas published a positive review of PASANG: In the Shadow of Everest on Substack. He’s been writing about movies for over twenty five years.

“This is an amazing story that I’m not sure is known to many Westerners, but Pasang became a bit of a legend in Nepal, because she went against all the odds, including being a woman, to do something the few thought she could achieve. Her determination and enthusiasm to climbing is quite infectious, though I’m going to try to be a little careful with spoilers on this one – yes, a doc – but it’s terrific how Svendsen tells this story and brings this inspirational woman to the forefront, including interviews with her daughter and other Nepali Alpinists to really make clear why her efforts were so important to making changes in the male-dominated Nepali climbing hierarchy. This is a terrific doc that I’m worried more people won’t have a chance to see since it’s getting such a small release, but hopefully, it will make its way to a streamer.”

Read his article here: https://edwarddouglas.substack.com/p/the-weekend-warrior-jan-19-2024

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Positive review for PASANG by The Weekend Warrior, written by Edward Douglas